The Switzerland National Council announced this week that casinos will be allowed to reopen starting on June 6. The casinos in the country had been shut down for over two months due to the coronavirus pandemic. As the situation is improving, the venues are now being allowed to get back to work.

Regulation Changes:

Casinos are part of a large group of business types that are now being allowed to reopen. Along with gaming venues, swimming pools, amusement parks, wellness facilities, and zoos can reopen. The Council stated that gatherings of as many as 300 people will be allowed starting on this date as well. Sports can begin contact training with professional sports back in action by June 8.

According to iGamingBusiness…

The measures will be reviewed by the Council again on June 24. Restrictions may be eased further at this time and gatherings of up to 1,000 people approved. The Council previously stated that events with over 1,000 people would not take place until the end of August.

The reopening date was confirmed just a short time after the French government stated that their casinos would reopen on June 2. Casinos that are located in what is being called a green zone will be allowed to reopen due to a low risk of transmission rate. Those located in the orange zone must stay closed.

Switzerland and France are just a fraction of areas around the world where casino gaming is starting over after a long shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. US casinos are also getting back to business with many already reopened in various states across the nation.