British iGaming consultancy TAG Media Limited has reportedly announced that online casino games developers and industry affiliates now have a direct link following the launch of its new First Look Games service.

Get all of the latest games information:

According to a Monday report from, TAG Media Limited stated that its latest innovation offers publishers from anywhere in the world the ability to check out the information, content and assets of new games alongside equivalent data on any existing titles.

Increase marketing quality and volume:

TAG Media Limited reportedly declared that its First Look Games offering is powered by a personalized content management system platform and also gives games developers the chance to communicate directly with publishers promoting their content to players. It purportedly explained that this will assist in increasing the volume, compliance and quality of such marketing while giving innovators complete control over what information is being made available.

Innovation delivers ‘tremendous upsides’:

Tom Galanis from TAG Media Limited reportedly used an official press release to proclaim that First Look Games delivers ‘tremendous upsides to both parties’ as it connects affiliates and game developers for the exchange of ‘accurate [and] compliant information for new and existing games’.

Galanis’ statement reportedly read…

“From a growth standpoint, we feel we are ideally positioned as a business to engage with a vast network of iGaming publishers, thereby ensuring First Look Games becomes the ultimate marketing vehicle for game releases.”

First Look Premium:

TAG Media Limited reportedly detailed that it has moreover launched its First Look Premium sub-service, which gives developers the ability to upload information on their games a full two weeks before launch. This can then purportedly be accessed by qualified affiliates in order to create bespoke digital content that is subsequently only released once the titles have debuted.

Get it right with Compliance Scanning:

Finally, Tag Media Limited reportedly confirmed that its First Look Games innovation furthermore offers the Compliance Scanning service, which is powered by technology from Rightlander Limited. This purportedly allows developers to monitor all of the information being published about their games in order to ensure that this content is compliant in the United Kingdom while furthermore notifying them of websites that are advertising their content.