A proposal by Rep Jason Powell has been sent to the courts. It is called House Joint Resolution 87 asking for Article XI of section 5 of the Tennessee constitution to change in order to allow casino games in Nashville.

Slots and roulette are the games being requested, but this is just a first step towards getting casinos legalized in the country music city, sometimes called, “Nashvegas” by locals. Powell is citing the revenue from casino gaming as the reason to change the law. The state revenue would go towards public schools helping to add better programs and materials to kids. He stated he is looking for any opportunity to generate funds for the school system.

Tennessee currently only allows gambling on lottery games. There are no licensed casinos or horse tracks in the state.

To become law Powell’s resolution will have to pass by simple majority in both houses this year, be approved by a 2/3 majority next session, and then be approved by Tennessee voters.