On Thursday, May 17th, 2019, the National Football League suspended the Arizona Cardinals defensive back, Patrick Peterson, for failing a drug test by using performance enhancing drugs. The details of the drug test were not publicly disclosed and as a result, the NFL did not reveal which PED’s were found in the All-Star cornerback’s system.

He will serve a 6-game suspension from week 1 to week 6 of the 2019-2020 NFL season. Peterson reportedly dropped his appeal of the suspension most likely because he knew he would not win based on his use of some drug or supplement that the NFL has banned within its performance enhancing substance policy.

Peterson was selected for the Pro Bowl during his first eight years playing in the NFL, which is a feat only 13 other players have accomplished in the league’s history. Unfortunately for him, that streak will end this year as players suspended for PED’s are prohibited from making the Pro Bowl or receiving any awards or honors from the NFL or the Players Association. He is widely regarded as the best cornerback in the game these days, and his team will greatly miss him for 37.5 percent of the NFL regular season in 2019.

Games Peterson Will Miss

  • Week 1 vs. the Detroit Lions
  • Week 2 at the Baltimore Ravens
  • Week 3 vs. the Carolina Panthers
  • Week 4 vs. the Seattle Seahawks
  • Week 5 at the Cincinnati Bengals
  • Week 6 vs. the Atlanta Falcons

Full Arizona Cardinals 2019 NFL Schedule 

Statement from the Arizona Cardinals:

“Patrick recognizes how disappointing this is for everyone in the organization as well as our fans. As we all do, he understands that regardless of intent he is ultimately responsible for everything he puts in his body. Our coaching staff and our players are now aware that we will have to play the first six games without Patrick and they understand they have to rise to the challenge that it presents.”

Head Coach Cliff Kingsbury’s said in regards to Peterson missing team’s Spring Camp:

“It’s voluntary. I communicated with Patrick. We know where he’s at and we know what’s going on. Kind of a conversation to keep between ourselves. If he hadn’t communicated and we didn’t know what was going on, I think that would be a different matter. It is a voluntary camp. We know that Patrick wants to be here and wants to be a part of this team.”

Financial Impact:

Peterson is scheduled to make $11 million this year and in 2020, the final year on his current contract, Peterson’s salary is projected to increase to $12.05 million. He was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2011 and has started every game (128 games) for his team over his 8-year pro career. Due to the 6 game suspension, he will lose out on $3,882,352.00 of his cushy salary.

The cornerback and the Cardinals have been well aware of the pending suspension for months now, which is the most reasonable aspect of why the Arizona Cardinals drafted the University of Washington’s cornerback Byron Murphy with the 33rd overall selection in the 2019 NFL draft on April 25th.

Peterson’s Apology at his Annual Fund Raiser in Scottsdale, AZ…

“Definitely, definitely sorry what broke out today … I think you guys understand my character and also understand my commitment on and off the field, and also to my teammates and also to the Arizona Cardinals organization. That’s why this is apparently very, very hard for me ’cause obviously I’ve never been in this situation before and I never wanted to have my name attached to anything like this.”

“I’m looking to move forward and put this behind me. I want to thank my family, my teammates, the coaching staff, the Arizona Cardinals community and also the organization. And I’m looking forward to getting back Week 7. I’m going to continue to try to keep that smile on my face and get back to being the best DB in the league.”

He wanted to make the announcement and apologize for his violation of the NFL’s performance enhancing substance policy next week as he said the timing of it coming out the same day as his fund raiser was, horrible.”

“It is what it is,” says Peterson. “It was going to come out eventually, but definitely didn’t want it to come out here tonight or today.”

He was, “relieved,” that the news broke, adding that he can“put it behind” him and “move forward.”

When asked why he was not attending the voluntary team workouts, meetings, and activities, he responded, Have to be a father. My wife’s a doctor. I’m the only one right now that can really take [my daughter] to school, so I have to take her to school each and every day and make sure she gets there secured and make sure she’s picked up. I’m still working out, doing my due diligence to make sure that I’m in shape come mandatory minicamp.”

He then mentioned that his relationship with the Arizona Cardinals organization, general manager, Steve Keim, and his coaches was, “Great.” When the media asked him if he would like to say anything more about the 6-game suspension, he replied, No, just a six-game suspension.”

If you are a sportsbook bettor, this suspension should be on your radar as Peterson can have an extremely large impact on NFL football this game. Over bets on Cardinals’ games during these 6 weeks should have an increased winning probability due to his defensive influence being missed against the team’s opponents.