Something big is cooking in Nevada – when we say “big,” we mean literally. The Venetian will get the new, massive entertainment venue, MSG Sphere, which will be opened in the second half of the year. The company plans to hire 3.000 employees from South Nevada to take care of the new venue. 

Lucas Watson, the President of The Venetian, said that job fairs were starting in April and that hospitality and operations workers, food and beverage professionals, bartenders, ushers, and security officers were needed. He claimed that the Sphere is a completely new medium in the industry.

The design of the Sphere is supposed to transport the audience to both real and imagined places. The most expected feature is the first 16K LED screen ever, which will have scores of magnitude sharper than any similar feature in the world. The sound will follow the view, and 164.300 speakers will be placed there. It means there will be approximately eight speakers for every customer. Customers can expect the headset sound – but without headsets.

Sound, feeling, and smell:  

One of the innovations is that customers can feel and smell the environment – and we’re sure that experience is something else. Watson said: “When I said you could feel it, you may have thought it was a figure of speech. But there will be 10,000 haptic seats that will make you feel the experience in your bones. Whether it’s the launch of a rocket ship or the punch of a boxer’s glove, you’ll literally feel like you’re in the spacecraft or in the ring.”

Daily entertainment presentations are planned, and there will be more than one presentation on some special days. Famous filmmakers and content providers who are the best in the industry are hired to make this experience extraordinary. They work hard in the company’s Big Dome studio in Burbank, California.

The revenue will be generated via advertising on the external screens of the building. The prototype ads are already created, and the company awaits the approval of the national brands. Watson believes that more people will see the exterior presentation of the ad, and he wants to entertain people enough to share the building on their social media accounts

The additional events:

Tours and entertainment presentations are already included in the offering – but the best is that the guest can expect four to six musical residencies, and the groups will play 10 – 12 performances during each visit. 

MSG Entertainment, the parent company of the Sphere, has already made a list of performers interested in playing in the property. However, Watson didn’t want to reveal their names to the audience.

There may even be some combat sports matches

Watson said: “The Sphere was really designed to be music and entertainment first. We will have some marquee-fighting events, whether they be boxing or WWE. So fighting is an option, but there won’t be a ton of sports in the Sphere. It’s more built for film and entertainment.”