For some time now, casino operators have been considering how to reach out to millennial customers. In decades past, casinos have had no trouble bringing in player traffic as individuals enjoyed the slot machines, blackjack, roulette and other casino gambling games. The millennial generation seems to want no part in such gaming and operators are now leaning more towards skill games with a video gaming style.

Three casinos in Atlantic City are about to offer a new gaming option that will be similar to a first-person video game in the hopes of bringing in the millennial crowd. Bally’s, Caesars and Harrah’s of Atlantic City, all Caesars Entertainment properties, will be launching the new gaming option known as the Danger Arena starting next month.

Danger Arena is a first-person shooter game that was created by GameCo. Blaine Graboyes, the co-founder of GameCo. Stated that the new game is similar to Call of Duty but more cartoonish in nature. To compete, players will use a controller while sitting or standing. 45 seconds are provided for the player to shoot as many robots as they can on the video screen. Players can wager on their performance with stakes ranging from 50 cents to $20. Players have to earn seven hits to break even and hit ten or more robots to earn the maximum prize which is 25x the wager.

Graboyes further stated that Atlantic City was chosen for the initial rollout of the Danger Arena as he holds a sense of nostalgia for the area. Graboyes spent his summers visiting the Boardwalk and playing games in the arcades.

Atlantic City has been struggling for some time, seeing a consistent decrease in annual revenues over the past few years. Back in 2014, regulators of the state decided to allow casino the option to provide skill-based games or contests to try and broaden customer offerings. The goal was to provide a wider option of games, with particular emphasis on the millennial generation.

According to Graboyes, the state Division of Gaming Enforcement must provide final approval to GameCo before the new gaming option will be official. GameCo is in the process of gaining approval for Danger Arena in other areas as well including Nevada and Pennsylvania. Director of the Division of Gaming Enforcement, David Rebuck, stated yesterday that regulators of Trenton are reviewing the application of GameCo.

In a statement, Rebuck said that the DGE has been actively encouraging the industry to submit innovative products and they are glad to have the opportunity review the skill based game of GameCo through the New Jersey First program. This program allows products to be submitted to the technical services lab before being introduced to any other jurisdiction. Products must meet high regulatory standards before being approved for the casino gaming floor.

Danger Arena has the potential to be a big hit with the millennial crowd. The game has 10,000 different video screen maps with some being more difficult than others. Danger Arena even includes a power up feature that can be hit by players that will provide an instant cash prize as well as an aid for game play.