Casual Connect USA 2018 is set to take place at the Disneyland Hotel from January 16th to the 18th in sunny California, with experts in several fields to be in attendance. The casino track of the conference will feature experts in real-money gaming as well as the social casino sector. Major issues will be discussed, including the overall casino industry, plus independent casino gaming developers. More than 20 sessions are on the schedule during a three-day event, with over 45 speakers scheduled to provide information to attendees. Overall, the conference will include more than 250 speakers with around 2,000 professionals of the gaming industry to be in attendance.

One area to be reviewed during the conference will be casino industry issues. Several of the speakers on the schedule will be providing their perspective on the gaming industry as a whole and discussing problems and solutions that are needed for the industry to move ahead and succeed.

On the agenda, Eiler’s & Krejcik Gaming’s Adam Krejcik is set to discuss an overview of the gaming industry while experts from several other companies, including Flowplay and iGaming Capital, will be discussing weighty trends, 784such as cryptocurrency, sports betting, etc, reviewing what trends should survive and remain within the next few years.

Another category up for discussion is Game Design & Platforms. Many speakers will be on hand to discuss game design and platforms as new content and platform creation are major issues for the industry now and into the future. In this category, James C. Smith of MobilityWare will be discussing games on Facebook Messenger, an up and coming game platform on offer as well as Ngozi Watts, Managing Director of RelEX Studio, discussing new software that can be used to export a Unity game to HTML5 Canvas.

Branding & Licensing will also be discussed during Casual Connect USA 2018, as the conference will take place in a highly branded area of the United States, which includes such places as Hollywood and companies like Disneyland. Experts from several companies will be on hand including Atari and N3TWORK to discuss brands and licensing for social casinos.

Additional topics of discussion on the agenda include Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Building a Business, plus Discounts & Networking. More information on the upcoming conference can be found at the Casual Connect site, including info on attending, sponsors and the schedule of speakers.