Despite filing bankruptcy earlier this month and repeatedly violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, Tinian Mayor Joey Patrick San Nicolas is hopeful that the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino will open once again. The mayor has no control as to if the venue will reopen but stated recently that he hopes the facility will open once again to generate revenues that are much needed in the area of Tinian.

When the casino shut down back in September, employees of the mayor’s office were let go as the staff members were paid with the revenues from the casino. The mayor remains optimistic that the casino will resume operations, naming five individuals for nomination to be on the Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission in November. These individuals include: Charlene Lizama, David Cing, Antonio SN. Borja, Jose Dela and Jose Kiyoshi.

According to the mayor, the Gaming Act as codified under 10 CMC, Section 2521(b) reads that the mayor has the option to appoint members from a list of qualified candidates. To be eligible for the position on the Commission, an individual must be at least 25 years old, have lived in Tinian for a minimum of five years and be a qualified voter in the area. The individual must have good moral character and have not been convicted of a felon. The Tinian Mayor says the Gaming Act languages places the appointments to boards and commissions within the CNMI to the discretion of the sitting, so San Nicolas is taking action.

It was believed that the Tinian Dynasty would be ready to reopen by the 15th of December but Lucy Blanco-Maratita, the executive director of the TCGCC, stated that the venue did not meet the conditions set by the commission to reopen. According to Maratita, the casino-resort must have a fully functioning gaming commission, which does not exist yet.