The PokerStars European Poker Tour Prague has finished up, with several players claiming first-place wins during scheduled events. Pros and amateurs were out in full force, hoping to secure a victory during the series events. Tsugunari Toma is one poker player that came to the EPT Prague to play, earning not one but two high roller event wins. Toma secured the first-place title during the €10,200 Single-Day High Roller event as well as winning the €10,300 EPT High Roller. All in all, Toma was able to win €658,340 in prize money.

The EPT High Roller:

The €10,300 EPT High Roller is the latest event to finish up and the tour stop is now over. A total of 255 players competed in the event, with 17 left on the final day. Toma would start the day as one of the shorter chip stacks but would double up early on and fight his way to face Simon Lofburg in heads-up play.

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The poker tournament would end rather quickly as Simon Pedersen would shove jacks when three players remained and was called by Lofberg with A-8. An Ace on the flop gave Lofberg the win and Pedersen was out in third, starting heads-up play.

Toma would four-bet shove all-in on the first hand of heads-up and again on the second hand. He showed A-8 while Lofberg held A-K, with the flop giving Lofberg a possible straight or flush draw. However, the turn and river were in his favor and handed him the first-place win, leaving Lofberg to settle for second place during the Prague tour stop.

Final Table Results for €10,300 High Roller:

Place Player Prize
First Tsuguhari Toma €523,120
Second Simon Lofberg €352,230
Third Simon Pedersen €248,340
Fourth Matthias Eibinger €201,340
Fifth Yunye Lu €159,290
Sixth Gianluca Speranza €120,950
Seventh Masato Yokosawa €88,300
Eighth Rainer Kempe €64,560
Ninth George Wolff €53,430


The Casino Atrium Prague played host to the EPT tour stop while PokerStars Live was the sponsor. Players attending the EPT Prague had access to several events including two high roller tournaments, the Main Event, the EPT Cup and the EPT National.

The EPT is now finished up until March when the tour will head to Sochi. The tour goes back to Russia from March 20th until the 29th.