Wednesday, March 24, 2015 marked the next part in what many are calling a “dog and pony show”  and “Fear mongering.” Several witnesses for the gambling industry and those who oppose the idea appeared in front of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime. Plenty of “stars” had their say including John Kindt, Les Bernal, and US Assistant Attorney Michael Fagan who oppose any legal online gambling. Two witnesses for legalizing online gambling, Parry Aftab and Andrew Moylan, stated reasonable arguments for why regulating online gambling can actually be a better option.

Those who oppose Internet gambling often cite shocking clams such as terrorists funneling  money through casinos and fears that normalization of online gaming would give rise to more gambling addiction and access by minors. Those who state regulation is important offer up the fact that terrorists could more easily funnel money through unregulated countries with regards to gambling. There are also the problem gambling resources and monitoring that can actually be of help according to the expert witnesses.

The hearing was in regard to S.2159 – Restoration of America’s Wire Act or RAWA a bill heavily lobbied for an supported by land based casino billionaire, Sheldon Adelson.