We have all heard of degenerate gamblers in positions of authority who have been compromised when their addiction got out of hand – the nun stealing from the collection plate, the sheriff collecting for a bookie – there is no doubt that desperate people can and will do desperate things. When I first learned that a U.S. two-star general in charge of the launch of intercontinental ballistic missile (nukes) had been suspended over gambling – a shiver ran down my spine. Several days later I breathed a sigh of relief to learn that he had been accused of using counterfeit gambling chips at a casino – NOT that he was in debt to a bookie and might throw the game to keep his legs intact.

Reuters really should be a bit more careful with their headlines. Today’s headline read, “US major general overseeing nuclear missiles to be fired: official”. WTF? The major general was overseeing missiles that were to be fired? Fired at whom? When? Why? Did he have his finger on the button? No, the Commander with his finger on the trigger is now  fired, the missiles were not to be fired. Don’t scare me like that, thank you!

Although I refer to desperate people doing desperate things as “degenerate gamblers” in the opening sentence I don’t mean to mock degenerates. I do mean to mock the story, the cover up, and every level of reporting that has been done on it. I am obviously not a journalist. I don’t seek answers to questions. I blog.

This time Reuters got it wrong.