The Wilton Rancheria Tribe is hoping to gain access to 282 acres of land near the town of Galt, California to create a luxury casino and hotel resort. The venue would be located along Highway 99 and would create a gambling destination in the area.

The tribe is hoping to create a venue that would be similar to the Thunder Valley Casino Resort, which is located near Lincoln. The tribe’s plans were revealed after the Bureau of Indian Affairs received documents for the project, ordering an environmental review.

Just two days ago a public notice was revealed, showing that the Wilton Rancheria, a tribe of over 700 members, are petitioning for the review of the land to be taken into a trust to create the gambling destination. The proposed project would be known as the Twin Cities Casino Resort.

Raymond C. Hitchcock is the chairman of the tribe who spoke on Tuesday about the project. Hitchcock stated that it will take many years for the resort to be created and the Bureau of Indian Affairs, along with other agencies must approve the project. The tribe must also reach an agreement with California’s governor for a gambling compact. They must also have memorandums of understanding with Galt, Sacramento County, and possibly other local communities.

Hitchcock stated that the tribe is still working on getting the land into a trust and once that goal is completed, the tribe will be able to negotiate with the governor to create a compact. The tribe would prefer the development to have a casino with 2,000 slot machines and 84 table games. The property would also include a hotel with 302 guest rooms situated over 12 stories.

The area of the project is in prime position to the freeway which could be a bonus for the property, creating a steady stream of revenues for the casino and the area. With the request for the environmental review, the tribe has proposed six options for development. This includes a casino resort to be located near Galt and a shopping center alternative if a gambling facility is not approved.

Another alternative would be for the tribe to create a casino of a smaller scale near the Elk Grove community. However, this proposal is not preferred by the tribe or the local government agency.