Louisiana’s Baton Rouge welcomes the first land-based casino in the city. The casino, named Queen Baton Rouge, will welcome its first visitors on August 24 at 9. p.m, as the casino officials confirmed. 

The long and expensive renovation process:

The casino is already known among the guests and media as the Hollywood Casino, which was its previous name. The renovations and the expansion of the property were $85 million worth. The works began in August 2021, but its building was postponed because of the rising construction costs. One more reason for the delay lies in the depth of the Mississippi River – the danger of floods is too serious at the moment, and the casino is close to the river, so the high levels of the river will disturb the works on the construction, as well as the work of the whole casino.

Queen Baton Rouge is owned by Queen Casino & Entertainment, which has high hopes that the property will open its doors to guests in the fall. Before the renovation, the property was placed on 62.000 square feet, but it has been enhanced, and now it has more than 100.000 square feet

The casino atrium is expanded with about 33,000 square feet of space. The valet parking was repurposed into an indoor space, and a riverboat that features 750 slot machines and 18 table games will be removed from the water and placed on the land as well.

One of the main attractions of the new casino is a DraftKings sportsbook, as well as a Lit, which is actually the smoking patio that features a bar and about 100 slot machines that offer various thrilling possibilities to win fantastic prizes to all the property’s guests. 

The guests will have the opportunity to choose among five different restaurants and entertainment venues: Shaquille O’Neal’s Big Chicken, 3 Woks Noodle Bar, Capitol Coffee Baton Rouge, 1717, and the Loft at 1717.

Numerous benefits for the city and residents:

Terry Downey, a President and CEO of the casino’s parent company, commented: “We are thrilled to debut what will be an unmatched gaming and entertainment destination in Louisiana for sports wagering, gaming, entertainment and dining. The Queen Baton Rouge ushers in a new era not just for this historic property but for gaming and entertainment throughout the region, and we are thrilled to open our doors for our neighbors in the Baton Rouge community and the surrounding area.”

Not only will the city benefit from the casinos, but the people as well. About 100 people will be employed there, and about 20 of them are already employed, thanks to two job fairs that were held recently.

The riverboat that hosted all the slot machines and table games will be sold to Viking River Cruises and help the passengers go to the city center. The company’s plans are grand, and they don’t plan to stop. The next step is investing about $100 million into Belle of Baton Rouge, whose renovations should be finished by October 2024.