Wynn Resorts, a synonym for the luxurious worldwide casino destinations, has released the first design images for its new casino-complex project in the United Arab Emirates set to open in 2027. The Las Vegas-based casino giant has also announced that the development will be named Wynn Al Marjan Island after the breathtaking resort location, as Inside Asian Gaming reports.

The $3.9 billion resort will result from the partnership between Wynn Resorts and the local developer Marjan LLC and hotel and leisure business operator RAK Hospitality Holding LLC. The resort has been designed to rise more than 1,000 feet above the sea and to include around 1,500 accommodation facilities with an extensive range of amenities likely to meet the most selective customer requirements.

Resort Structure Reflects Beach Configuration:

The development design sourced inspiration from the amazing natural surroundings  – featuring a group of 4 coral-shaped islands in a man-made archipelago – and combined it with the traditional feel of Wynn Resorts to offer a comprehensive experience. 

The company reportedly explained: “The same geometric configuration of the curved shape of the beach on the island is echoed through the podium structure, similar to a great opera house, creating majestic views of the beach, sea, and the horizon. Every diner in the abundant restaurant offerings lining the beach-facing promenade at Wynn Al Marjan Island will enjoy sweeping views of the sea.”

Meticulous Concept:

Set to open in 2027, Wynn Al Marjan Island will feature the first casino in the United Arab Emirates and a wide array of entertainment choices and gaming areas, as well as retail amenities and meeting and convention space, and leisure and art facilities.

Wynn Resorts CEO, Craig Billings, reportedly commented: “We have spent the past year meticulously programming and concepting Wynn Al Marjan Island, carefully considering its unique location.” “I am incredibly proud of our design and development team’s ability to impart our legacy of rich, thoughtful design into a sun-soaked beachside resort that will delight customers, new and old. We look forward to opening Wynn Al Marjan Island in early 2027.”

A Perfect Match:

The enchanting archipelago – with almost 8 kilometers of beaches and 23 kilometers of waterfront – will become home to the seemingly enchanting Wynn Al Marjan Island resort. The development project is moving forward swiftly enough to achieve each milestone, yet having each project stage meticulously polished to ensure a perfect match between human construction and natural beauty. Therefore Wynn Al Marjan Island is expected to add significant value to the worldwide recognized casino brand in 2027.