Elsie Tembo is the Chief Director of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism who has stated that Malawi citizens need to change their perspective on casinos as well as gambling. Tembo stated that casinos will boost the economy of the country because the government will be able to earn more tax money.

The comments come just weeks after the Casino Marina opened at the end of November. The official opening of the venue signaled Tembo speaking out on the need for people change their negative way of thinking about casinos, especially when considering gambling.

Tembo stated that Malawians must be able to understand that when a loss takes place during gambling that it should be accepted as a defeat and the individual should go home. She also pointed out that casinos have the ability to attract tourists and of course boost the economy. The Chief Director feels that casinos are relaxing and gamblers are able to have fun so people have to change their attitude on gambling as well as the casino venues.