Visitors to the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino will be able to enjoy new entertainment options this summer as the venue has added a new show that will provide a wow factor. A new cirque-style show has been added to the list of entertainment options for visitors, titled BraVeau. Prounounced ‘bravo’, the new show will feature exciting acrobats, dancers, stunt performers and aerialists.

The excitement begins in the atrium where life-like mannequins are placed in the air on spinners, with visitors taking a look above them and wondering if the performers are real. A lift was used to raise the mannequins high above in the atrium so guests would get a taste as to what the new show at the Beau Rivage Theatre will provide.

BraVeau is a production created by DreamCast Entertainment which features Bello Nook, a daring performer known for his acts on the Sphere of Fear and the Wheel of Wonder. The show also features a cast of individuals from around the world including Mongolia and Russia, specializing in acrobatics and stunts.