PRNewswire – Recently one lucky customer walked away with a Whopping $191K from the WinPalace Casino. He was able to cash-out his winnings faster than ever with no hassle, thanks to the recent shift in the management team at WinPalace Casino. Now WinPalace can expect to cash-out their winnings, just like this lucky customer, hassle-free and in no time at all.

WinPalace Casino expects that with the introduction of their new management team, faster payouts and hassle-free payouts, customer satisfaction will improve significantly. Additionally, WinPalace anticipates that they will see an increase in their player base given that their current players will be so happy about their faster, no hassle payout system that they will recommend them to their friends.

This transformation has and will continue to allow them to make their payouts faster, minimize the hassle that many players face when trying to collect their winnings and make their stay at as memorable as possible. They have already begun making large payouts without the normal hassle that goes into collecting large amounts of cash.

The WinPalace Management Team will keep you up-to-date on our current and upcoming promotions including our no-hassle faster payouts system.

To learn more about our fast cash-outs, faster payouts and new management team please contact:

Rebecca Jean Wallace