Craps and roulette are coming to Deadwood, South Dakota casinos this summer, so in anticipation of the new gaming options, operators are beginning to train employees in the rules and regulations of the table games. A six week training program was launched by the South Dakota Commission on Gaming and the Deadwood Gaming Association to prepare employees for the new gaming options. As many as 90 employees will be training in the games of roulette and craps.

The state Legislature passed a measure during the current session that legalized keno, craps and roulette in the town of Deadwood. The training program will run through the month of May and help employees to learn the gaming techniques, regulations and procedures for the new gaming options before they are legalized for play on July 1st.

Employees participating in the program must complete 120 hours of training in the game of craps with 60 hours required for roulette. So far, as many as three casinos in Deadwood plan on offering the table games once they are legalized in July.