Crystal, the luxurious cruise line, will reportedly add casinos back to its two ships by the third quarter of 2024. The casinos were removed in 2022 when Crystal Cruises suspended its operations. The July 31, 2023 re-launch of the brand renamed Crystal and owned by the A&K Travel Group excluded the two casinos on Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony ships but the company now reportedly considers bringing the casinos back on board to diversify its offerings.

July 2023 Re-Launch of Award-Winning Ships

According to the company, the two ships have been refurbished before the re-launch to include amenities like world-class dining and entertainment options, including fitness facilities, spa, and a large pool. As reported, these award-winning ships are now ready to sail around the world and take customers to the most attractive locations in the world.

The company boasts of offering an unparalleled experience but the two casinos were removed by the new line during the refurbishment of the Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony. However, the move has raised concerns that the casino removal may affect the experience of the customers accustomed to this line’s feature.

Casinos Considered Too Spacious

Now, the spokeswoman reportedly confirmed that the management is considering options to bring the casinos back on board. As reported by Travel Weekly, Cristina Levis, CEO of A&K Travel Group acquired the ships from Crystal Cruises in 2022, said that the line reportedly considered the casino space too large and suitable for other purposes and removed it in the first place. The company was reportedly considering options to include the cooking demonstration lounge instead.

Casino Restoration Options

She also said that the company surveyed some past guests to assess the necessity of adding the casinos back to the ships and found that only around 5% were explicit about the necessity of having a casino amenity included in the sailing experience, according to the source.

The CEO reportedly presented this information to travel advisors during a shakedown sailing in July 2023 to receive strong advice about the importance of the casino feature for some customers. Indeed, the percentage of the customers requesting the casino amenity may be deceiving as it may include some high rollers capable of generating considerable revenues for the line.

For this reason, Levis reportedly used the recent Symphony’s shakedown cruise to say that the company is looking for the best solution to integrate a casino on both ships. She reportedly also said that these will not occupy a large space but are expected to be brought back by Q3 2024, according to the source.