Crystal has unveiled an exciting partnership with Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer (SBM) to introduce the first and exclusive Casino de Monte-Carlo at sea. This groundbreaking collaboration promises to redefine onboard entertainment and gaming experiences, setting a new standard in the cruise industry.

Elevated entertainment awaits guests:

As Crystal Cruises stated in a press release, the collaboration between Crystal and Monte-Carlo SBM represents a union of expertise and innovation. Guests can anticipate an array of gaming activities such as slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and more, designed to elevate their cruise experience to unprecedented levels of excitement and luxury.

Quoting Manfredi Lefebvre, Executive Chairman of A&K Travel Group“We are delighted to welcome Casino de Monte-Carlo into the Crystal family as our newest collaborator. This affiliation symbolizes our commitment to offering our guests the finest entertainment and gaming experiences available at sea.”

Stephane Valeri, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Monte-Carlo SBM, echoes this sentiment, stating, “We are excited to join forces with Crystal to deliver the unique Casino de Monte-Carlo experience at sea. With our combined expertise, we are confident that we will provide a gaming moment unlike any other in the cruise industry.”

The Casino de Monte-Carlo will span over 1,000 square feet, occupying the current Bridge Lounges aboard both Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony. Following the relocation, the Bridge Lounge will move to the Library on Crystal Serenity and The Lounge on Crystal Symphony, ensuring a seamless integration of this exciting new addition.

Cristina Levis, CEO of A&K Travel Group, emphasized, “We have listened attentively to the feedback from our loyal guests regarding their desire to have casinos back onboard, and we are proud to announce that we will deliver on our promise. At Crystal, guest satisfaction and enjoyment are paramount, and this alliance underscores our dedication to fulfilling their wishes.”

The introduction of the Casino de Monte-Carlo marks a significant enhancement to Crystal’s renowned voyages. This collaboration is part of Crystal’s ongoing commitment to providing unparalleled luxury and entertainment to its discerning guests. With the inclusion of world-class gaming facilities, Crystal aims to create unforgettable moments and exceed expectations.

For over three decades, Crystal has been synonymous with award-winning voyages. Acquired by A&K Travel Group in 2022, Crystal now boasts updated suites, cutting-edge wellness offerings, and world-class dining experiences. The partnership with Abercrombie & Kent ensures guests enjoy unparalleled access to enriching destinations and cultural experiences worldwide, further enhancing their onboard experience.

Looking ahead, Crystal plans to integrate the Casino de Monte-Carlo experience into its future oceangoing ships, reaffirming its position as a pioneer in luxury cruise experiences. This expansion underscores Crystal’s commitment to innovation and its mission to provide guests with the most extraordinary cruising experiences available anywhere in the world.

With the introduction of the Casino de Monte-Carlo at sea, Crystal invites travelers to indulge in a new era of onboard entertainment and gaming. This collaboration with Monte-Carlo SBM represents a significant milestone in the cruise industry, promising unmatched luxury and excitement on the high seas. Whether exploring exotic ports or enjoying onboard amenities, Crystal remains dedicated to delivering unforgettable experiences that redefine the art of cruising.