On Thursday, July 28th, 2022 the Seattle Seahawks and their superstar wide receiver, D. K. Metcalf, have agreed upon terms on a 3 – year contract extension worth up to approximately $72 million.

Contract Details

Metcalf’s new 3 – year contract extension also included $58.2 million in total guaranteed money as well as involving a $30 million signing bonus too. With a total money guarantee of that magnitude, it puts D. K. as the highest ever recipient of that much guaranteed money or more for a wide receiver.

The deal provides a fast solution to D. K.’s two – day “hold in,” and it locks up one of the top performers anywhere on the football field for the Seattle Seahawks which should help them rebuild in their post – Russell Wilson era for the future of this successful and highly – supported franchise of the National Football League.

The 24 – year – old wide out in Metcalf had only 1 – year as well as just under $4 million remaining on his initial NFL rookie contract. D. K. is now locked up with the Seattle Seahawks through the 2025 – 2026 season of the National Football League.

The $24 million new – money average of Metcalf’s contract extension puts him as the Seattle Seahawks’ highest – paid player of all – time as he has now surpassed their safety Jamal Adams who averages $17.5 million per season. This new deal for D. K. also strengthens his case as the new face of the Seattle Seahawks’ NFL franchise especially now that Russell Wilson as well as Bobby Wagner have found new homes in the National Football League.

Metcalf as well as Stefon Diggs of the Buffalo Bills are now tied for having the 6th – highest annual average salary amongst all wide receivers currently in the National Football League.

The 3 – year time length of D. K.’s new deal is shorter than the Seattle Seahawks typically prefer to offer out for the big – money second contracts on their best or favorite on the field assets, and this contract extension gets Metcalf on track to become an unrestricted free agent when he will be 28 – years – old in 2026.

The new agreement between Metcalf and the Seattle Seahawks also came with a much shorter wait than some of the Seattle Seahawks’ recent mega – deal contracts that were not completely finalized until well into the end of their training camp sessions or just prior to the start of the what would be quickly approaching NFL regular season.

Reports to Seattle Seahawks Training Camp

Metcalf reported to camp just in the nick of time on Tuesday, July 26th, 2022, but D. K. did not take part in the 1st of 2 practices as his agent, Tory Dandy, and the Seattle Seahawks continued to hammer out and finalize negotiating the deal that Metcalf just signed.

The long – time head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll, made it abundantly clear that his non – participation was absolutely related to his contract negotiations and it definitely could not be attributed to Metcalf’s freshly surgically refurbished foot.

Metcalf’s recently revamped future in Seattle playing football for the Seahawks appeared to be rather uncertain earlier on during this 2022 NFL offseason, but after the Seattle Seahawks general manager, John Schneider, publicly expressed his initial feelings of the cost analysis revolving around resigning Metcalf

He claims to have had some feelings of sticker shock at first as this wide receiver mega – deals have been driving the price of a good number – 1 wide out way up as the market for the best NFL wide receivers has really skyrocketed over the last year or two. The Seattle Seahawks had several calls from other NFL franchises that were highly – interested in D. K., but the Seattle Seahawks explained to those potential trade partners they were not interested in making a deal for Metcalf as the Seattle Seahawks did very much plan on keeping him with their organization at least for a few more NFL seasons as he is just starting to hit his prime in the National Football League very soon here.

Although there was some trade gossip in the air with the heavily increasing salaries of the top elite NFL wide receivers, the Seattle Seahawks articulated confidence both in the light of the public as well as behind closed doors that they were going to get a deal done with D. K. prior to the start of this upcoming 2022 – 2023 NFL season. They felt that way even after D. K.’s contract discussions resulted in Metcalf missing June’s mandatory football minicamp with what the Seattle Seahawks declared to be unexcused absences.

Coach Carroll noted then reverted to reminding the sports world that the Seattle Seahawks have an impressive track record when it comes to the contract extensions of the players they really liked and the players that they intended to hang on to for the long haul.

“I’m not less optimistic, no,” the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll, state in June of 2022, following Metcalf’s mini – camp no – show blow off of the team he currently plays for in the Seattle Seahawks. “We’ve been through this for years. It’s a challenging time. We’ve had so many high – profile guys that have gone through this process, and how’s that worked out for us? We’ve figured it out in time. John is on it. He’s as experienced as you can get at handling this stuff, and DK’s got great representation and DK is a heck of a kid. But there’s no way of avoiding the first time of this, the first time of what it feels like and the experience of it and all of that. … He’s a remarkable person. He’s a wonderful player. He has so much to offer the world and all, I just don’t want him to miss this opportunity to where we can’t figure it out. So, we’ll do everything we can.

First 3 – Years of D. K. Metcalf’s Career in the National Football League

D. K. has a collective 216 – catches which were good for 3,170 – yards as well as 29 – touchdowns over his first 3 – seasons of playing football at the highest level in the NFL. Metcalf made his only NFL Pro Bowl appearance in 2020 following him breaking Steve Largent‘s single – season Seattle Seahawks all – time franchise record with 1,303 – receiving yards back in 2020.

After Metcalf suffered a frightening and potentially career – threatening neck injury during his college football days, D. K. has not had to miss a single football game throughout the start of his young and promising career in the National Football League.

Metcalf played most of last year with a broken bone in his foot, and in fact D. K. just recently underwent the surgery to repair that foot injury. Carroll said on Wednesday, July 27th, 2022 that he has now passed his physical exam, and that he is good to go for all football activities at this point in time. Metcalf intends on continuing to improve at his craft as he tears up the backside of opposing defenses with his raw speed and physical abilities.

D. K. Metcalf’s Football Career Achievements, Honors, & Awards

  • Second – Team NFL All – Pro Selection (2020)
  • NFL Pro Bowl Selection (2020)