The Delaware Lottery announced the numbers of the US state’s online gaming revenues for the month of July 2015. The state reported a month-on-month online revenue growth for July even though the poker revenue continues to decline and is the lowest since January. For July 2015, the online gaming revenue is $142,083 which is 30 percent up from the revenue numbers announced in June. However, compared to the same month last year, the total online gaming revenue is down 17.6 percent.

The online gambling regulatory body in Delaware also pointed out that the state’s online poker revenue is suffering further loses and is 8.2 percent down to $28,158 on a month-on-month basis. The poker gaming revenue is continuing to decline for the third consecutive month and is a long way short of that of April 2015 ($48,552). At first, the online poker compact between Delaware and Nevada seemed to be helping the state’s revenue numbers, but raising the revenue numbers has proven to be much more difficult than expected.

Since the poker venue is divided according to where people are playing from, the fact that the numbers are the lowest since the beginning of the year points to the fact that Delaware is not contributing many players to the online poker tables. This is a bit disappointing taking into consideration the initial start the combined network got off to.

Despite the poker revenue decline, the US state experienced an increase in revenue coming from video lottery games. The numbers reveal a $75,319 increase, which surpass the previous set record of $68,038 in April.