With plans to build a casino in Everett at a price tag of $1.7 billion, Wynn Resorts, has now brought back up the subject of a pedestrian footbridge. The company will be paying the state to review the option yet again, which would create a footpath across the Mystic River.

While filing for a state environment certificate, Wynn added that the company would pay $250,000 to fund a study of the footbridge, which would be created for pedestrians and cyclists. The bridge would connect the Somerville Assembly Square to Everett, close to the site of the casino.

On the Orange Line, Assembly Square would give individual’s access to the Orange Line Service, of which the Wynn casino would not be immediately accessible to. The bridge would also help to link walking paths and biking paths to the other side of the Mystic River.

In the filing, Wynn suggests the Department of Conservation and Recreation to conduct the study. Back in 2009, the same group commissioned a study to look into the footbridge in the same area. Based on this study, the cost would be between $5.4 and $7.7 million based on which construction option was used. Options could include building a new structure, building on the rail bridge or building over the dam.

Wynn has not stated who would pay for the bridge exactly, with outside parties suggesting that Wynn pay for the bridge. However, Wynn is only committing $250,000 for the study. A spokesman for Wynn stated that more details of the plan for the footbridge would be announced over the next few weeks.