Fanatics digital’s online and retail sports betting division, Fanatics Betting and Gaming, has been welcomed by the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA).

Its retail sportsbook has recently been opened in Maryland, inside the NFL Stadium. The company’s focus is currently on retail sports betting platforms, with plans to upgrade its mobile offering.

The leading integrity monitor: 

Over 45 companies and 125 sports betting brands joined IBIA, and it is currently the leading integrity monitor in the world. Fanatics is the last one who entered, further strengthening IBIA’s position. 

Andrew Wright, SVP of Trading at Fanatics Betting and Gaming, said: “Partnering with the International Betting Integrity Association is an important step in providing our customers with a secure trading environment as we begin to roll out our sports betting platform in 2023. IBIA is an important international institution that monitors the global betting markets of their regulated members providing much-needed analysis and monitoring of potential betting irregularities.”

Khalid Ali, CEO of IBIA, said: “IBIA is delighted to welcome a major globally recognized brand into our association. Fanatics Betting and Gaming’s decision to join IBIA is a major boost for the association in North America and follows an increasing number of U.S.-based businesses becoming members of IBIA. The company will be integrated into IBIA’s global betting integrity network, which consists of many of the world’s largest regulated sports betting operators. Fanatics Sportsbook’s decision to join IBIA demonstrates its desire to utilize the best integrity protection available globally for its sports betting product.”

IBIA against corruption in the industry: 

The operators run IBIA, making its platform great for other operators. It protects them from corruption, making collective action a priority. The network they made for monitoring and alerting the operators is a fantastic tool for all who want to fight against corruption in the industry. The association is related to the main regulators, allowing the sharing of information that helps maintain order and control corruption. The leading organizations all over the world, such as the IOC, United Nations, Council of Europe, and European Commission, communicate with IBIA. 

The IBIA was founded in 2005, and since then, it has been a voice of integrity for all its operators. The primary mission of the association is to combat corruption and maintain the integrity of the industry at its highest level. The association is non-profit, and it is active across the whole world. The biggest names in the industry are the members, and they need to undergo a rigorous check

Fanatics passed the test and became a member of the association. The fans love Fanatics, and its impressive portfolio and vast network of partners are proof of success – the company has relationships with over 900 sports properties, and more than 90 million users are able to enjoy its content.