The Florida Lottery now offers a portfolio of nine draw games after launching a pair of new daily titles in its Pick 2 and Pick 5 while the state-run organization has also re-branded its long-time Cash 3 and Play 4 games as Pick 3 and Pick 4.

According to a report from The News Service Of Florida, the new games cost $0.50 per ticket to play with draws taking place twice a day.

Tom Delacenserie, Secretary for the Florida Lottery, declared that the rules for the Cash 3 and Play 4 games, which are also twice daily draw titles, have remained unchanged with the re-branding undertaken in order to streamline the product line.

“Most lotteries call their daily games “pick” games,” Delacenserie told The News Service of Florida. “We were kind of the odd ones there with a “cash” and a “play”. So, by rebranding them to the Pick name, we become more mainstream. As our visitors come down from the north, it’s more recognizable for them.”

Delacenserie stated that he hopes the new games will help to increase overall sales for the Florida Lottery’s draw games as more money per ticket is transferred to public education from these titles than from scratch-off tickets.

The Florida Lottery achieved record numbers last year while July saw it chalk up $530 million in total sales, which represented its highest ever amount for the summer month. Delacenserie explained that last month additionally saw his organization transfer approximately $144 million the southern state’s Educational Enhancement Trust Fund.