Maryland Live Casino often offers players the option to earn rewards as part of contests or promotions. Just recently, the casino announced that players will soon have the opportunity to go into space. The top performing casino is planning on offering four trips into space, paying $1 million for players to be able to orbit the earth.

Spokesman for Maryland Live Casino, Mario Maesano, stated that to do something actually off this planet is something that nobody really has even fathomed. Many players could not believe the prize being offered for next month. The seats are expensive, costing almost $300,000 per person, and the casino is picking up the full tab for four individuals to make the trip into outer space.

The casino will be holding a drawing to choose the four winners who will eventually head into space. Players will need to register for a Maryland Live! Rewards member card and then use the card each time they play at the casino during the month of March. Players will then be automatically entered into the drawing.

The drawing for the prize will take place each Saturday in March from 9 to 11 pm. Players will not have to be on site to be able to win the prize and trips will begin next year. The casino has even called in Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to appear at the venue in honor of the new contest.