Genting Casinos has partnered with SlotGuru, the player education app for slots, and will for the next three months actively promote the app via their slot machine estate in an effort to aid in better educating their players and their responsible gaming initiatives.

Throughout all 39 of its UK casinos, Genting Casinos will promote SlotGuru until March 2018.

Genting Casinos managing director, Mark Sergeant, said, “We’ve recently deployed SlotGuru in a number of our sites and have seen the benefit it brings our players. As a tool to educate slots players, SlotGuru is unique and highly effective,” according to iNTERGAME.

Sergeant explained, “By promoting this free service directly on our slots, we can assist our players at the point when they need this information most.”

“Our commitment to responsible gambling is a core principal at Genting Casinos and SlotGuru is a great and innovative way for us ensure our players are having a safe and enjoyable time.” Sergeant added. “We are very proud to be able to offer such a beneficial service to all our guests and help drive adoption across the UK market,” said Sergeant.

A multi-functional mobile application, SlotGuru is available on any network connection and takes the guesswork out of playing slots. Through the app, players get key information regarding slot games, including volatility, and are able to read and share information about game content enabling a more tailored gaming experience. SlotGuru bills itself as the only proactive tool available that aids players in preventing them from developing Problem Gambling issues and is available on iOS or Android smartphones.

SlotGuru founder and director, Stuart Armstrong, commented, “We are delighted that Genting Casinos have made this commitment to their players and taken an innovative approach in helping them find out about the SlotGuru service.” Armstrong explained, “The ability for players to access this crucial information at any time, on their mobile device, will provide significant benefits to all Genting slot players across the UK,” as reported by iNTERGAME.

SlotGuru is available free of charge from both the Google Play and Apple app stores. Operators who would like to actively promote the app to their players can make a request for marketing assets and support from SlotGuru directly.