Since opening in 2000, the Isleta Resort and Casino has yet to undergo a major renovation project. Officials have now decided that its time to do a few changes to enhance the overall guest experience of those visiting. On Friday morning, the CEO of the gaming venue, along with tribal leaders, were on hand to break ground on a $40 million renovation project. Construction has already begun on the main entrance and two additions are planned for the resort and casino. New amenities will be added, including a food and beverage area along with a room dedicated to bingo gaming.

Out of the $40 million set to be spent, $10 million will be dedicated for a new air conditioning and mechanical system for the venue. The goal of the air conditioning changes is to provide a better environment for players by helping to clean up the smoky casino air.

The full project is expected to take at least 18 months to complete or up to two years. The time frame is longer due to the Albuquerque casino planning the construction process in phases to minimize the disruption to visiting guests.

Isleta Resort and Casino CEO Harold Baugus commented on the changes stating that guests are not just visiting to play the slots and gamble but are looking for an overall experience, one that includes food and beverage, entertainment and a quality resort stay. Officials hope to provide a quality overall guest experience with these new changes.