Although other casinos have tried the program on a limited basis for special VIP guests, the newer Lucky Dragon Casino in Las Vegas is the first to offer a rolling chip program on a regular basis. Rolling chips are a precise way to track customer play and award comp points. They are also sometimes used as a measure to pay commissions to junket operators who host VIP guests.

According to a report on Seeking Alpha, and another from David G. Schwartz, director of UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research found on Vegas Seven, the program allows pit bosses to accurately determine how much players are gambling, rather than make educated guesses.

The program is used extensively in Macau as well as the Best Sunshine Live casino in Saipan. Players who buy in for at least $10,000 at Lucky Dragon are given the same value in non-negotiable chips. The chips are counted just once after losing bets are placed, winnings are paid out in negotiable chips that can be played at another table or traded for cash. The casino keeps the non-negotiable or “dead chips” allowing for precise accounting.

In other, related Lucky Dragon news the casino has set out on a course to expand their VIP gaming area by relocating one of their restaurants that will share space with a noodle bar, and repurposing the “Asian night market” Dragon’s Alley cafeteria-style restaurant into a gaming area adding to the ground-floor Emerald Room, and second story VIP lounge.

Lucky Dragon is not exclusively for visiting Asians or Asian-Americans, all ethnicities are welcome at the boutique-style casino resort designed to create an authentic Asian cultural/gaming experience in Las Vegas.