The Majestic Star Casino owners and employees of the venue have finally come to a new contract agreement. The casino has 250 Unite Here Local 1 members who have been trying to come to a new agreement since December of last year when the previous contract agreement expired. The Union members approved a two year contract that includes raises each year as well as health insurance benefits, which will stay the same as they were within the previous contract.

Both sides on the matter were happy to have finally seen a resolution from negotiations. Barry Cregan is the General Manager of the Majestic Star Casino who stated that the casino is happy to move on and that the agreement was completed in an equitable manner.

Employees of the casino were relieved to be able to come to a contract agreement that maintained the health insurance contributions. The Indiana casino employees were represented by Unite Here Local 1, with the majority of the individuals holding positions as food and cocktail servers, cooks and cleaners.

Now that the contract has been ratified, Majestic Star is in the same category as the Blue Chip Casino and Hotel as well as the Hollywood Casino of Joliet who both were able to come to contract agreements with United Here members.

The Ameristar of East Chicago was not so lucky, having been unable to reach a contract agreement with union workers. Unite Here members took to striking the venue due to issues with health insurance, as employees say their new plan is not as affordable as the previous one. Employees of the Majestic Star thought they might have to strike like the employees of Ameristar if an agreement was not reached, however this was avoided.