The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is focused on being proactive when it comes to managing the integrity of sports betting services. The regulator is committed to addressing any threats to the industry including match-fixing. To stay on top of things, the Authority’s Sports Betting Integrity department is constantly looking for new ways to improve how the industry is monitored and how reporting is completed.

Just this week, updated measures were announced regarding the integrity of the industry. The changes were implemented within the industry on October 1.

Details of the Changes

Several areas of sports betting integrity measures were updated to better protect the industry. This includes an update regarding how suspicious betting incidents are reported. License holders must now offer a critical gaming supply in relation to betting on sporting events. Any license holder must notify the Authority if there is an incident involving suspicious betting activity within their site.

The alert process has also changed. The Integrity department will now alert license holders if they have any knowledge of suspicious betting. The source of the information will not be revealed. The alert will help license holders to become aware of any issues and allows the operator to review its own monitoring systems to ensure that no problems are present.

How Operators and the Authority will Benefit

The change helps to increase awareness of suspicious betting risks across the betting sector. Operators are able to use the information provided and check their monitoring systems. If any issues are present, then the situation can be addressed.

The Authority will benefit from the new alert process by seeing wider monitoring taking place within the sector. It will offer a review and evaluation of the risk factors associated with sports betting for the sector at large. The betting sector will be more informed which helps the Authority and the license holders to work together better to protect the industry from corruption.

The Sports Betting Integrity department announced the changes a few days ago and reminded all invested parties that the Suspicious Betting Report Requirements and other details can easily be referred to within the Guidance Paper.

Anyone interested in learning more about the department and how it works to maintain the integrity of sports as well as betting can contact the group via email. The recent changes follow previous rule amendments involving sport integrity rules including that made suspicious bet reporting mandatory among license holders.