On October 1st a new law will go into effect in Maryland allowing casinos to hire workers as young as 18. Maryland Live has already begun recruiting the younger workforce according to a report in the Capital Gazette. Social media marketing and scheduled job fairs are part of the casino operator’s strategy. Some 200 positions could be filled at the three year old Hanover casino.

Current law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 from being in video lottery areas, whether they are playing or not. The new law will allow teenagers to work in areas designated for video lottery operations, but does not lower the age requirement of 21+ to play the devices.

In other recent Maryland news we’ve seen about 900 customers exclude themselves from play in Maryland’s five casinos. The state’s gambling industry posted nearly $100 million in revenues for the month of August; roughly 20% above numbers reported for the month the previous year. Interested readers can find all Maryland Casino News, or coverage on any other subject by using the World Casino News search function.