The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has reportedly revealed that attorneys working on behalf of American casino operator Wynn Resorts Limited and its former Chief Executive Officer, Steve Wynn (pictured), have asked that the 76-year-old’s name be removed from its ‘qualifier’ list.

According to a Tuesday report from the Boston Herald newspaper, Las Vegas-based Wynn Resorts Limited is constructing its Wynn Boston Harbor integrated casino resort in the northern Boston suburb of Everett and hopes to have the $2.4 billion development open by June of 2019.

However, the future of the 671-room Massachusetts venue has reportedly been placed in jeopardy after Wynn resigned in February amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that ultimately led the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to launch an investigation into whether Wynn Resorts Limited should have been granted the casino license for its Wynn Boston Harbor project in 2014.

The Boston Herald reported that the ‘qualifier’ list from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is an inventory of key employees that are required to pass a range of suitability reviews before a casino license can be issued. In light of the recent allegations, it is purportedly thought that Wynn would not do well in a re-run of any such examination while the original 2013 license application moreover contained the names of the billionaire’s former wife, Elaine Wynn, as well as those of the firm’s current Chief Executive Officer, Matt Maddox, and Executive Vice-President, Kimmarie Sinatra.

“The [Massachusetts Gaming] Commission has recently received requests from attorneys representing Steve Wynn, Wynn Resorts Limited and Wynn MA LLC that Steve Wynn no longer be considered a qualifier for Wynn Boston Harbor based on his resignation and divestiture from Wynn Resorts [Limited],” reportedly read a statement from Elaine Driscoll, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. “The [Massachusetts Gaming] Commission will discuss the process for handling the requests but won’t vote on the requests themselves.”

Greg John, Wynn Boston Harbor Brand Marketing Executive Director for Wynn Resorts Limited, reportedly further explained that the operator has asked for Wynn’s name to be removed from the ‘qualifier’ list because he is no longer a serving executive and holds no shares.

“Steve Wynn is fully separated from the company and completely removed from all ownership, strategic and operational functions,” John reportedly told the Boston Herald.