The McPhillips Station Casino in Winnipeg, Manitoba is the planned site of a $45 million redevelopment.

The renovation is the casino’s first face-lift since the facility was built in the 1990’s. Owned and operated by the Government of Manitoba and the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, the latter’s CEO John Stinson said that the $45 million will be used to “freshen” the outside. In addition to a new front entrance, for the first time patrons would be able to access the casino via a link from the parkade. Stinson said that, “The $45 million is for the outside — it doesn’t count costs for freshening up the inside of the casino,” according to the Winnipeg Free Press. The casino’s new façade will do away with the exterior’s current train station look. “The train station motif, just like the south of the border palm trees at Club Regent, will disappear. We want to modernize both,” said Stinson.

Still a work in progress, Stinson said there are plans for the main floor gaming area to be updated and the casino is also perusing ideas that can be incorporated into the second floor. Proposals for the areas include code-break escape rooms, a fantasy sports bar and a special room for poker. Stinson said the casino wants “to attract a younger demographic that what we have now. But we also don’t want to impact our loyal customers so we will keep the gaming room on the main floor.”

While a hotel is still planned, it is the hope of Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries that the Winnipeg Beach rail line will be moved by the Canadian Pacific Railway, according to Stinson. The move would put the line between the casino and the hotel’s planned construction site on McPhillips Street. Stinson said that the company was thrilled when it heard a throne speech by Manitoba’s NDP government last month which included plans to move rail lines out of Winnipeg. According to the CBC News, the throne speech, among other things, mentioned CentrePort Canada’s plans to break ground on a rail park next year, which will help in the removal of the rail lines.

According to Stinson, “All the data shows a link on the main floor from the hotel to the casino is more effective. We don’t want our patrons to get whacked by a train.” The CEO said the hope is for the construction and exterior renovations to be completed within the next two to three years.

Formerly the McPhillips Street Station Casino, the McPhillips Station Casino is one of two casinos located in Winnipeg, owned and operated by the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation. The second casino is the Club Regent Casino, and it along with its hotel is located in the Winnipeg neighborhood of Transcona.