Jim Murren, Chief Executive Officer for MGM Resorts International and a self-avowed “lifelong Republican”, has broke with party affiliations by publicly endorsing Hillary Clinton as she bids to become the 45th President Of The United States in November.

The American casino giant’s former Chief Financial Officer, Murren used a recent op-ed piece in USA Today to voice his support for the former New York Senator’s run for the presidency and wrote that his endorsement was based on several factors including Clinton’s support for trade agreements that will “boost our economy and benefit American workers while ensuring that our environment is protected”.

“The other candidate seems determined to needlessly antagonize our allies and trading partners by pledging to tear up NAFTA and other hard-won trade agreements,” wrote Murren. “One candidate works to create stability and certainty, qualities the market loves and rewards. The other operates erratically and unpredictably, qualities the market abhors and punishes.”

Murren explained that it had been “an easy call” to select the Democratic candidate over her controversial Republican opponent, Donald Trump, despite crossing the political aisle “only a few times in elections past and almost never at the presidential level”.

“Each time, it was a gut-wrenching decision,” wrote Murren. “But this year it’s an easy choice. I’m going to put my country ahead of my party by voting for Hillary Clinton and by making my first-ever public endorsement of a presidential candidate.”

Murren additionally cited the importance of legal immigration and explained that 45% of employees in the gaming industry are ethnic minorities while 48% are female.

“In my company, 66% of our workforce is ethnically diverse,” wrote Murren “Clinton will stand up for women and minorities as essential contributors to America’s economy.”

He declared that immigration is “tied to diversity” and “plays a key role in our industry” while asserting he was “very proud” that millions of immigrants find their first jobs in the gaming, hospitality and tourism industries.

“While both candidates will fight for a secure border, I believe Clinton is the only candidate who will continue to make America a welcoming home for legal immigrants from around the world,” explained Murren.

MGM Resorts International unveiled the nation’s largest rooftop solar array at its Mandalay Bay Convention Center in July and Murren asserted that a Clinton presidency would be the nation’s best hope of achieving “greater energy independence”.

“Instead of relying on power generated by burning fossil fuels, we’ll draw most of our energy from renewable sources available on the wholesale market,” wrote Murren. “I know that Clinton will ensure continued progress by maintaining a Department Of Energy that believes in the power of alternative energy sources and works in partnership with those who wish to minimize the impact on our environment.”

MGM Resorts International is the largest gambling operator on the Las Vegas Strip with ten casinos and a total of 14 properties in Las Vegas while it is additionally responsible for the MGM Macau Grand Casino Resort and the soon-to-open MGM Cotai Casino Resort in the Chinese city of Macau.

“I believe that few presidential candidates are as prepared for the job as Clinton,” wrote Murren. “I’ve come to this conclusion not because of her decades of experience as first lady, Senator from New York and Secretary Of State. Rather, I speak from the personal experience of being with her in a room, working on issues in real time. Each time I have met with her to discuss complicated matters such as trade and energy policy, I have been incredibly impressed by her knowledge, command of the facts and solution-oriented approach.”

Editor’s Note: While Murren supports Clinton, Sheldon Adelson and Carl Icahn are still behind Trump. Casino Mogul Steve Wynn, who has in the past spoken harshly of President Obama’s policies, has not endorsed either candidate.