Rumors recently surfaced in Monterrey that the Caliente group was planning on reopening a local casino and was recruiting staff members in the area. This rumor has led to the mayor of Monterrey, Adrián de la Garza Santos, to make an announcement that there will be no new casinos located within the city limits unless he has given his authorization., according to a recent report o n G3newswire.

Mayor Santos stated that he had not given permission for the Caliente Casino to reopen and does not seem to be planning on doing so. Santos stated that the Monterrey municipality has not given authorization or changed any of the conditions in regards to casinos in the area. The municipality will be alert to the fact that regulations established for purposes that they do not have permission are met and gaming venues are not authorized to be in operation. The mayor spoke with, a local news outlet, discussing the matter, including that licensed gaming establishments will continue to be able to operate in the area.

Under Santos predecessor, Mayor Margarita Arellanes Cervantes, two Caliente casinos had been closed down. The reopening of the casinos has been a concern among local lawmakers. Along with the Caliente casino, an additional venue is planning on reopening after being shut down by the local government. The local press of Monterrey reports that the Monterrey Revolution casino is also looking to reopen.

Casinos remain a hot point of contention in Mexico as many casinos are using the local courts as a means of protection to avoid closing or to remain in operation. The Mexican Senate is now considering new rules that would void stays of closure and protection from the local courts for sports betting parlors and slot venues, if the facilities are found to be in violation of their licensing agreements.

Based on present proposals, operators are able to stay in operation based on terms of the 1947 Raffles and Gambling Act in regards to licensing. These venues will be allowed to continue to operate until their license expires. Once expired, a new license must be applied for and the requirements of the new gaming act will have to be met before approval will be granted.