The $960 million MGM Springfield integrated casino resort will be able to open from tomorrow after acing a pair of test play nights supervised by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to be granted the appropriate regulatory approvals.

Trial run successes:

According to a Wednesday press release from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (pdf), MGM Springfield conducted its first trial run on August 16 before following this with a second on Monday. The regulator declared that both rehearsals had been monitored by its own Investigations and Enforcement Bureau, Information Technology Division and Finance Division and saw the downtown venue demonstrate regulatory compliance and an ‘overall adherence’ to the eastern state’s ‘strict gaming standards.’

Bruce Stebbins, Commissioner for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission…

“As MGM Springfield prepares to open its doors, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission remains focused on ensuring that our policies and procedures protect the integrity of the industry and safeguards fair play for patrons.”

Obligations exceeded:

The five-member Massachusetts Gaming Commission stated that the two test runs had been authorized via an August 2 public meeting after MGM Springfield was found to be in ‘material compliance’ with the state’s gaming laws, the terms and conditions of its license and the regulator’s own directives.

The regulator further proclaimed that it had earlier partnered with the city of Springfield to establish ‘very high standards for this project’ but that the coming Massachusetts venue had ‘met or exceeded requirements’ in several areas including employee and vendor licensing, marketing and construction.

Steve Crosby, Chairman for the Massachusetts Gaming Commission…

“MGM Springfield accepted the challenge and then raised it some more. I applaud the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s staff for their steadfast commitment to the successful implementation of our strong gaming law and the persistent and collaborative focus on maximum job creation and economic development while also taking a proactive approach to the minimization of unintended consequences.”

Latest MGM Resorts International venue:

Due to be the newest addition to the portfolio of Las Vegas-based gaming giant MGM Resorts International, the 14.5-acre MGM Springfield is scheduled to open its doors from tomorrow complete with a 125,000 sq ft casino offering some 3,000 slots and 100 gaming tables. Three years in the making, the venue is to additionally feature a 250-room boutique hotel as well as a 3,400-space parking garage.