After premiering the new Jumanji video slot game, top online software provider NetEnt has announced yet another big winner. The recent win took place on the Hall of Gods slot game, with a player from Finland earning a prize of almost €2.75m. The win occurred after a spin of the game via mobile of just €2, while the gamer played via

This big win takes place just after two other large jackpot prize wins were earned, one from NetEnt’s Arabian Nights of €1.4m and one from Mega Fortune Dreams of €4.25m. With the addition of the latest win, NetEnt games have awarded eight seven-figure prizes already this year.

The winner of the Hall of Gods slot game won an additional €350,000 via the Mega Million campaign of NetEnt. The campaign awards players with additional money when a jackpot is earned while playing the Hall of Gods game or Mega Fortune. With the campaign, players can also earn an additional prize via the World Cup. Every day a match is played, the opportunity to win €3,800 is present.

Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, Henrik Fagerlund, commented via press release on the recent win by stating: “We have another example here of how NetEnt’s games can change people’s lives, and the Mega Million campaign will give us even more chances to do just that.

“We have had three seven-figure jackpot wins this month alone and I am confident we will see more before the end of the year.”

With so many jackpots already won this year, it will be interesting to see how many more players are able to earn a big win as the year continues.