It was recently revealed that Studio City of Cotai had closed The House of Magic entertainment venue. Melco Resorts and Entertainment Ltd has now decided to provide new magic shows via the same venue.

According to information provided to GGRAsia by a spokesperson for Melco Resorts, the majority owner will be launching new magic shows most likely by next year at the same venue. The property is currently in the renovation stages. GGRAsia asked the company why The House of Magic was closed and no definitive answer was provided. Melco Resorts did state that the new content at the venue is part of their effort to improve the entertainment options on offer at Studio City.

It was on October 8th that The House of Magic hosted its last performance and on the 9th, the venue was shut down. Franz Harary, an American magician, designed the attraction. The facility consists of a 300 seat theater which is complemented by smaller areas where other entertainers could perform.

Other changes at the Studio City property have also been revealed by GGRAsia. During a recent visit, a food court known as Cosmos Food Station, appeared differently with signage removed. After speaking with a spokesperson for Melco Resorts, it was confirmed that the food area had been closed and would see new facilities added in the future. No additional information was provided on what would be added or a launch date.