Operated by London-based Ofertas365 Limited and powered by Twelve40’s state-of-the-art software platform, AfroMillionsLotto is the Nigerian Professional Football League’s (NPFL) exciting new lotto. Having recently launched, the new African-facing lottery allows people to purchase their online tickets for the continent’s largest lotto jackpot set to take place on October 18, 2017.

The twice-weekly draw, www.afromillionslotto.com, starts at N1bn and features bigger jackpots than all of Nigeria’s lotteries combined. Furthermore, AfroMillionsLotto will reportedly offer the largest jackpot on the entire continent of Africa. In the event there are no winners and the jackpot rolls over, with each draw it increases by N100 million until such time as it reaches a maximum of more than N2 billion, according to the press release.

Jackpot winners could afford the wedding of their dreams, one of Nigeria’s most expensive homes, a chrome-plated Ferrari sports car and still have money remaining.

One of the other huge benefits of purchasing your AfroMillionsLotto ticket online is the convenience of receiving an email alert if you’ve won. Every year millions of cash prizes go unclaimed as people forget to check their tickets to see if they have the winning numbers. Additionally, www.afromillionslotto.com also offers nine, ‘Candy Crush’ style, Instant Win games that can be played just for fun or for a chance to win as much as N12 million in cash prizes.

Each NPFL club will have its own lotto website so fans can show support for their favorite team. Every time a ticket is purchased or a person pays to play, that football club will receive a percentage of the revenue in order to aid in funding player development, contribute to stadium and pitch improvements and support community-based projects.

According to AfroMillionsLotto.com, the results for the twice-weekly AfroMillionsLotto draw are based on the winning numbers from the German National Lottery. You can check to see if you have won by watching the live draw on German television at http://bit.ly/1uUtwoS.

AfroMillionsLotto online tickets can only be purchased from the official website.