When it comes to a big online casino win, players usually have to wait for some time to earn their windfall. It is not uncommon for larger jackpots to be broken up into smaller amounts with payments made in installments, depending on the site and amount won. Last week, a player of Ninja Casino earned a massive prize and was paid in just five minutes! The quick transaction was possible due to the site’s unique payment solution.

Global Gaming’s Ninja Casino was able to process one of the largest winnings ever in record time thanks to their innovative payments option. The Stockholm player earned a jackpot of SEK 1.2m, which is equal to €120,000, while playing Book of the Dead online slot game from Play’n GO. Global Gaming offers a payments solution where a player’s account and his or her bank account are directly connected by way of Electronic Identification (eID).

The lucky player, who is male but remains anonymous, stated in a press release “It felt great to have my winnings directly in my bank account so quickly after withdrawing the funds. The Ninja Casino site is so smooth and easy to use, and I really appreciate the instant payouts!”

Global Gaming CMO Morten Madsen commented on the prize payment as well by stating: “Our innovative platform ensured all the winnings were paid out within five minutes into the lucky individual’s bank account, safely and securely. This simply wouldn’t be feasible with other online casinos, who often take days to process such a high amount of money.”