In an effort to keep up with changes in technology and reduce bureaucracy, the provincial government of Nova Scotia has unveiled a number of changes to the regulations covering its six casinos.

The eastern Canadian province revealed that the amendments will see casinos permitted to train their employees rather than handing them over to community colleges while cameras are to be permitted on gaming floors for the first time.

Minister Of Service Nova Scotia Mark Furey stated that the government worked with the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries And Casino Corporation and the Metropolitan Entertainment Group to formulate the changes, which will additionally see an increase in the maximum number of gaming tables a floor supervisor and pit boss can oversee.

“The casino regulations are out of date and need to be updated to keep pace with technological changes and inherently cut red tape,” said Furey. “These are back-office administrative changes that will allow casinos to modernize their processes and bring them in line with other jurisdictions such as our neighbours in New Brunswick while maintaining the integrity of gaming.”