Starting August 1, 2015 the Hong Kong Jockey Club will have a new management structure with new leadership appointments made. The Racing Division will be divided into the Racing Authority Division and Racing Business and Operations Division. Anthony B. Kelly will become the Executive Director of the Racing Business and Operations Division. Andrew Harding is appointed to the Racing Authority Director position. Both Harding and Kelly will report to CFO Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges. The reorganization is to support future growth of the Racing Division.

$3 billion Hong Kong dollars is going to be used to build a Racehorse Training Center in Conghua, Mainland China. The funds will make the new racehorse training center world class. The structure is to be finished by 2018.

The Jockey Club stated racing operations are going to grow in complexity and size. They wish to be in a position to welcome these upcoming projections including developing a world-class brand.