PokerStars is considered to be the top online poker room available today so it is surely a big achievement to be etched in the history of the brand. Just recently a player made history by becoming the first to win a new PokerStars event. The brand recently hosted the first ever Sunday Million Live, with the King’s Casino of Rozvadov playing host. The event recently finished up and it was Philipp Salewski who earned the win. Salewski will now go down in history as the first champion of the Sunday Million Live event.

In speaking to the PokerStars Blog, Salewski stated that he always dreamed of winning the Sunday Million so why not the Sunday Million Live? The thirty-three-year-old German poker player was never really able to compete in the online version of the event as his sleeping schedule did not coincide with the online scheduling. With this event, Salewski tried to stay concentrated and be confident in his decisions. His strategy certainly paid off as he is now the event champion!

The Sunday Million is a popular online poker event hosted by PokerStars. With the Sunday Million Live, it marked the first time the brand had hosted the same event but in live form. 5,045 players registered to compete in the event, some taking part in online qualifiers and others in live Day 1s. Of that large number of competitors, 512 would come to the felt at King’s Casino to play the tournament out live.

By the end of the day, the field had been narrowed down to 27, then the final 9. When only four remained, a deal would be cut, leaving €10,000 for the winner plus the title. Based on chip count, Philipp Saleswki would earn the most prize money at just over €101,000. Next in line was Dominik Kabas who would take home €92,011. Then came Jozef Komorny who earned €81,093 in the deal and Karel Kovarik who was given €76,522.

Kabas would then go on a heater and take down Kovarik first. He then took out Komorny to have the chip lead going into heads-up play against Salewski. By the time heads-up play rolled around, the blinds were sitting at 1 million/2 million. It would not take long for Salewski to take the lead.

On the final hand, Salewski would hold A-J of spades and limp in on the button. Kabas would move all in with K-7 off-suit and Salewski would not hesitate to call. The board fell 3-4-4-4-Q which helped neither player. However, Salewski’s kicker was better and he earned the win, taking home the title and the additional €10,000 in prize money.