Daniel Negreanu is one of the most recognizable and well-known professional poker players in the world. He is a six-time WSOP gold bracelet winner, an ambassador for GGPoker, and an all-around poker player. Negreanu has taken part in many poker tournaments over the years and has come to the conclusion that tactics in playing the game have changed.

In a new YouTube channel series, Negreanu is taking a look at how poker players operated in the past and how they work today. In Old School VS New School Poker Analysis, Negreanu will take a look at former events and how moves were made. Several episodes have already aired and cover interesting competitions in the game.

New Series

In the first episode, Negreanu takes a look at a High Stakes Poker match involving a $400,000 pot against Hansen. The match took place ten years ago and the poker pro talks about how it went down. In the second episode, the commentary changes from cash games to tournaments. A hand with Mike Matusow is discussed from the WSOP Tournament of Champions dating back to 2005.

The series offers a unique look into the game of poker directly from a seasoned pro. Over the past few years, Negreanu has been called Old School by the poker community and he seems to have launched this series to compare the two ways of play. He has started to embrace the New School way of thinking in order to compete against the newest generation of professional poker players.

The term Old and New school can mean different things to different people. In general, it means acting differently based on age and experience. For Negreanu, he feels that an Old School mentality is one where the poker player will not take chances and just nickel-and-dime’s a way to a win.

With a New School approach, the focus is more on game theory. There is a big difference between the two ways to play and Negreanu’s series takes a look at both, showing how each can be beneficial, what works and doesn’t work.

What Works Better?

For poker players, it seems the strategy used varies depending on the player. What works best in which scenario? Would you expect to use old-school methods against a player who is older and has been around for many years, perhaps set in their ways? Or do you try the new school method, focusing more on game theory and making moves accordingly? Should different strategies be applied with online poker and live gaming?

The new YouTube series by Negreanu is one that allows players to get insight into both styles. It is an interesting concept and something that younger players could learn from. By simply watching the videos, you get an inside glimpse at how a professional poker player’s mind works and how to handle both styles of play. It is certainly interesting to watch and helpful to any beginner poker player.