Beginning in mid-October, the Rivers Casino of Schenectady will begin to offer a dealer school course lasting ten weeks. The casino will need to fill 300 dealer positions and are hoping to train individuals during the school to have the right people in place for table gaming at the venue. Applicants are not required to have previous schooling or experience to attend the dealer school, just be ready to practice and have a friendly attitude.

During the dealer school, students will learn all skills associated with table games from shuffling the cards to handling the chips. Dealers not only have to have the skills of the game and know the rules to play but also have a good personality. To train students, David Vatthanavong and Bruce Dixon will be teaching during the dealer school. Vatthanavong is the shift manager of table games for the venue while Dixon is the poker manager.

Vatthanavong has 20 years of experience in the casino industry and will be teaching blackjack during the dealer school. The gaming veteran stated that the school will teach students what they need to know to be successful on the casino floor.

Applications for the dealer school are open until the end of the month. Classes should begin on the 17th which gives the venue plenty of time to review applications and choose individuals to take part in the dealer school.


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