Sportradar, the leading global sports technology company, has announced a new agreement with online casino operator Kindred Group. Under the agreement, Sportradar will use its ad:s multi-channel performance marketing platform to help Kindred boost its customer acquisitions.

Sportradar will employ its ad:s paid social advertising solution to support its new partner in growing the customer base through social media. The global player in the field of digital entertainment will use the sport technology company’s solution to optimize its social media advertising and facilitate faster and easier acquisitions through this channel.

Content tailored to customer’s interests:

Also, Sportradar’s state-of-the-art technology will help Kindred to better understand customers’ online practices and preferences. Therefore the operator will be able to deliver relevant content to customers based on their individual interests. With the ad:s solution, Kindred will improve the effectiveness of its advertising activities. As these will now have a much narrower focus, the operator will be able to target and acquire more customers across social media.

The possibility to make such acquisitions are facilitated by the multi-channel performance marketing platform which automatically generates hundreds of thousands of personalized adverts. Sportradar’s partners can avail of this solution to directly approach sports fans and bettors with the offers sent across the Meta platforms of Facebook and Instagram.

Advertising strategy essential for customer growth:

Florian Geheeb, Global Director Advertising Sales, at Sportradar said: “Sportradar has enjoyed a productive partnership with Kindred Group, and today’s deal underscores our commitment to continuously deliver the best possible products and services to the top names in betting and gaming. An effective social media advertising strategy is essential for sustainable customer growth and must deliver strong return on investment; our ad:s paid social service will help Kindred Group realise this potential.”

New social media prospects:

Sportradar has developed its leading paid social media solutions for the betting and gaming applications using the AI and machine learning technologies. As social media currently has more than three billion users worldwide, online casinos and other sports betting operators are increasingly interested to seek new prospects across social media. In this quest, they increasingly recognize the potential of social advertising. Kindred Group is one of them:

 “By leveraging Sportradar’s AI-led technology, Kindred will enhance the relevancy and personalisation of social media advertising across a number of regions, boosting our creative delivery capabilities and improving marketing campaigns’ time-to-market”, said Elen Barber, Chief Marketing Officer at Kindred Group.

Highly cost-effective solution:

According to a study, Sportradar’s ad:s paid social media advertising service may increase the customer’s purchase intent to facilitate the advertising cost return of up to 450%.

The deal between the leading technology company and the global betting operator also includes a supply of the full palate of top betting products and services to Kindred to make the operator fully equipped for its strategic intent to be accomplished.