Casinos all over the country are experiencing revenue drops and fewer visitors but the Oklahoma tribal casinos are not seeing so much of that. The state has seven tribes operating casinos and while four of those saw revenue declines, the three that didn’t more than made up for it. As a whole, the Oklahoma tribal casinso saw a 30% rise in revenue for fiscal year 2009 – up $105.6 million over 2008.

“Tribal casinos just continue to grow their business and the state is feeling the effects,” said one observer, Manuel Hastins, “if they can do this in a poor economy, I can’t wait to see what they can do when the economy turns back around in a positive direction.”

Many local state and tribal casinos would like to know the secrets of the Oklahoma tribes. The big gambling destinations of Las Vegas and Atlantic City have taken major losses. So have many of the smaller, local casinos.