In an industry innovation, Smile-Expo will hold the first ever specialized and comprehensive virtual and augmented reality gambling conference in Prague, Czech Republic this April. VR and AR developers will gather with gambling business representatives for the first conference of its kind, according to promoters of the event. New products will be presented and industry development issues will be discussed.

The growth of global gambling is driven by innovation and tech progress in many respects. Such things as data transmission speeds, processing power to handle innovative new online casino games, and mobile applications are few of the things propelling the industry forward. Many believe the next step is to integrate VR and AR, that are already developed technologies, into the mix.

The potential for greenfield development or simply ‘getting in on the ground floor’ of a rising vertical can be invaluable in emerging industries. Being the first to promote new technologies confirms leadership. The VR/AR Gambling Conference will allow delegates access to inside information on how VR/AR products for gambling will likely be integrated as well as facilitate networking in the nascent industry.


The specialized conference will feature two sections: “Developer’s” – for creators of VR/AR innovations and “Business” – for those who make technologies publicly available – operators and marketing specialists.

Representatives of operator companies and marketing specialists will learn about technological novelties, receive the latest analytical data, find new solutions for business development and promotion, will be able to expand business contacts and establish partnerships, and get a clear insight into ways of monetizing business using VR/AR technologies.

Demo zone

A demo zone will be functioning as part of the conference, providing a possibility to immerse in the world of virtual and augmented reality of gambling. Leading companies will showcase ready made VR/AR products and concepts of promising projects.

About the organizer

Smile-Expo company has 11 years of experience dealing with organization and holding of forums, exhibitions and conferences in Europe, Russia and Central Asia. Most of the company’s events are intended to promote innovations and develop gambling business.