It’s time to bet on virtual and augmented reality and Smile-Expo has organized an event for April 3 at Andel’s by Vienna House in Prague, Czech Republic that promises to be the break-out event of the year.

The AR / VR Gambling Conference is the first of its kind and will be divided into sections to better serve delegates’ needs. There will be a developer section for innovation creators and a business section for those making the technologies available such as operators and marketers.

A significant feature of the conference will be the Networking demo zone where participants can take part in already existing VR casino projects and test out new products and VR/AR novelties to better understand the impact these innovations are expected to have on the land based and online casino sectors over the coming years.

Those who may find the most to gain from this conference include software and hardware developers, designers, VR/AR service and tool providers, land based and online casino purveyors, owners of sports betting companies, marketing specialists in PR, digital marketing, gambling, and IT professionals.

Speakers slated to appear include Ishay Tenster, CEO of Initech; Artur Sychov, an angel investor with I-Mmersive GMBH; and keynote speaker Amir Ebrahim, principal software engineer at Unity Technologies. Alexander Bragin will wrap up the day with an address on virtual reality game design.

The conference aims to unite leading professionals and promoters of VR/AR gaming technologies by gathering experts from around the world who are focused on the development and integration of innovative technologies for the gambling sector.

Associations to be made in the networking demo zone include companies that have already integrated virtual and augmented reality gambling products as well as innovators and suppliers that are ready to share groundbreaking VR/AR gambling products. Attendees will also be able to experience gameplay on the world’s first augmented reality roulette wheel which will be debuted by MediaLiveCasino.

The conference presents a rare opportunity to listen to and possibly meet true technological mavericks such as Unity’s Amir Ebrahimi who has 14 years experience on the cutting edge. Even if you are not familiar with Unity’s cross-platform engine, you may know some of the games and interactive content that has been created with the help of Unity such as Rust, Manifold Garden, Forgotten Anne, Lara Croft Go, and more.

Ebrahimi’s presentation will inform about secrets of successful work with VR in 2017, he’ll share his views on business and market, design and technical parts of VR; take a look at existing VR apps in various industrial sectors with the focus on gambling; and present forecasts for the development of the VR industry which will define the evolution of the gambling market in the nearest future.

This premier event has the potential to change your life – real and virtual. Please visit today to register your interest or buy tickets to this pioneering event presented by Smile-Expo.